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Hello Guys! We will discuss YouTube roaster Ducky Bhai aka Saad Ur Rehman today. I’m attempting to share Ducky Bhai’s age, his family, and his girlfriend in this post. Ducky Bhai Carrier Story, Ducky Bhai Biography, Where Does Ducky Bhai Live, How Much Does Ducky Bhai Make In A Month, Education, and Pictures.

Ducky Bhai Family Info

FatherHis Father Name Is Not Available But We will Update Soon.
MotherHis Mother Name Is Not Available But We will Update Soon
Wife NameAroob Jatoi

Ducky Bhai Bio/Wiki

Birth PlaceLahore, Pakistan
Current Residence      Lahore, Pakistan 
HometownLahore, Pakistan
Famous ForHe is Famous For His Roasting/Trolling.

Ducky Bhai Education / Qualifications

SchoolBahria Town High School
CollegePunjab Group of Collage
UniversityConcepts University in Lahore

Ducky Bhai Favorite Things

Film / MovieNot Known
ActorSharukh Khan
Favorite FoodAndy Wala Burger, Eggs Burger
Best FriendRahim Pardesi
Hobbies & LikePlaying Video Games Sleeping And Eating Food.
favorite GameFortnite

Ducky Bhai Social Info

Real Name:Saad Ur Rehman
Awards:He Won Pisa Awards And Youtube Also Gives Youtube Play Buttons.
Year Active:2009.
Instagram Follower:1.1M Followers
Youtube Channel Subscriber:3.27M Subscriber on Ducky Bhai Channel
Second Channel Subscriber:1.72M Subscriber in Ducky Extra
Twitter Follower:285k Followers
Facebook Page Likes:929K Followers
PUBG Mobile Id:Id Name, Not DuckyBhai and Id=5193701583
FortNight Id:Not yet Available We Will Update Soon

Who is Ducky Bhai ?

The real name of Ducky Bhai is Saad Ur Rehman. He is one of Pakistan’s top YouTubers. He was named the year’s top YouTuber at the PISA Awards. The title of his channel is “Trolling/Roasting People Who Deserve to Troll.” People adore YouTubers and Social Media stars. Ducky Bhai is a young boy who makes money through YouTube and educates people on how to do the same.

Ducky Bhai Biography Full Detail

Ducky Bhai was born in Pakistan on December 21, 1997, and moved to Japan with his family when his father finished his studies there. They returned to Pakistan after six and a half years, where Ducky Bhai finished his high-class studies at Bahria Town School, passed his FA at Punjab Collage, and studied computer science in university before quitting.

But Ducky Bhai began working on YouTube in 2009; at first, he created a number of channels, all of which were unsuccessful, but he never gave up; eventually, he created the Ducky Bhai channel at random and ran it for a long time. However, he gained popularity when he roiled/trolled Sham Idrees; as a result of this battle, Ducky Bhai became very well-known in Pakistani Awam.

Ducky Bhai Education in Detail

In the University, Ducky Bhai Aka Saad Ur Rehman Drop Out In Third Or Fourth Semester In Concepts University In Computer Science Actually He Freeze His One Semester And Can’t Rejoined So That’s Why They Drop Out Ducky Bhai And Now A Days He Complete Working On Youtube 24/7 And He Has No Plan To Continue The Study In Future. Ducky Bhai completed his Matic studies in Lahore Bahria Town School and his FA in Punjab Group of Collages.

Ducky Bhai’s Networth

We don’t actually know how much money Ducky Bhai makes, but we estimate that he makes between six and ten lakhs per month from the Ducky Bhai channel. We aren’t including revenue from promotions or Ducky Bhai’s secondary channels; we’re just giving you an estimate.

Where Does Ducky Bhai Live?

Ducky Bhai and his family reside in Bahria Town in Lahore, Pakistan.

Ducky Bhai’s Wife

Aroob Jatoi is Ducky’s bride, and the couple recently got hitched. In December, their Rukhsati Rasm will perform.

Some Interesting Facts About Ducky Bhai

  • From his YouTube channels, Ducky Bhai is making a lot of money. He attempted, but he was unsuccessful.
  • He began gaming when he was six years old, using the Game Boy Advance as his first gaming system.
  • When he started roasting on YouTube, he banned his channel on his mother’s phone.
  • When he started making gameplay videos in ninth grade, he was influenced by big gamers like Pewdiepie.
  • He claims he has uploaded 200–250 videos to YouTube but no one has watched them yet; despite this, he continues to produce videos. One day, he attempts a novel type of video and succeeds.
  • He claims that no one is watching his own videos, even though YouTube terminated his AdSense account as a result of his frequent viewing of his own videos.
  • Ducky Bhai claims that he has faced situations similar to this in the past and has attempted suicide, but was unsuccessful because he has chosen to face and combat those issues instead.
  • People in Pakistan love watching Ducky’s videos on YouTube, and he is a social media celebrity.
  • Ducky Bhai finished his high school education at Bahria Town School, received his FA from Punjab College, and dropped out of university while taking a course in computer science in the third or fourth semester because he was frozen for one semester and unable to rejoin.
  • As a result, they dropped him.

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