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By referring friends, you can make money with Hago since each friend you refer who uses your referral code will pay Rs 2500 if they use it. Please be advised that preference should be given to individuals who have never downloaded or played Hago!

The approach that follows is really straightforward. To earn money, you must triumph in the game as frequently as you can. Coins from each win are available for depositing up to a specific amount. These coins can be used to create rewards that can be exchanged for money.

Win The Match And Earn Money

You may download the Lucky Minor app from the Play Store or the App Store. Make sure you have the Lucky Miner app installed before installing Hago. On the other hand, if Hugo is already installed on your phone, we ask that you uninstall it first and then reinstall it after installing Lucky Minor.

You can find Hago games that are already connected to the app inside Lucky Minor. Install the game I want to play from the programmed, then start playing and earning points. As before, these points will accumulate and be convertible into cash.

Play Hago Money Tree

The game Hago Money Tree is really simple. You only need to water the trees you grow to get income. Money Tree requires daily or recurring watering, and while it is feasible to earn 10,000 in three days, there is something that drives you to do it because you need to call a friend from work. Falls.

Play Hago Zoo

IMacZoo is a video game featuring adorable animals and a zoo theme. The zoo game has a slightly different look, even though the system is conceptually the same as the mini-tree.

Real-time completion of all missions is required if you want to earn money from this game so that your earnings can be quickly collected.

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